Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Join RPA ?

FAQ on Membership

Q. How do I become a member of RPA & how much is the subscription fee ?

A. To become an ordinary member of RPA, all you need to do is to complete the membership form and email us at or email us for a softcopy of the membership form. Complete and mail the form and cheque payment to RPA. Subscription fee per year is $10. Hence, if your child is in Sec 1, the subscription fee would be $60 for Sec 1 to JC2; if your child is in JC1, the subscription fee would then be $20 for JC1 to JC2.

Q. What benefits do I get by joining RPA ?

A. As a RPA member, you get to participate in many activities that RPA organises including "Sec 1 Subject Talk" in the beginning of the year; "Breakfast/Lunch with the Principal" where you can learn more about developments and programmes concerning your children. There are also parents enrichment programs such as Parenting Talks, Parenting workshops, Career Talks, etc.

By joining RPA, you will be more informed of what is going on in the school and understand what your children are going through. Research shows that children whose parents play active roles in their education and school activities tend to fare better.

Q. As a member, do I have to respond each time the school needs parents to help?

A. No. While we hope all RPA members to be active and involved, your participation is voluntary. Should you decide to play a more active role, there are varies options which you can opt for to suit your lifestyle, schedule, skill set and interest.

Q. Do I have to commit my time regularly if I want to help ?

A. It depends on which area you choose to serve. For example, library duty requires you to put in time on a regular basis. But for most other areas, the help required is event/activity specific. We also have many ad hoc events which require one time support. Your support can also be in the form of background work such as maintaining web pages, coordinating events, etc, which can be done at the comfort of your home.

Please visit for more information on upcoming activities and let us know ( if you would like to help in any areas.